3The Hard Way

I’ve got a rabbit’s foot
and a four leaf clover.
A lucky penny

and a troll named Dover.

I’ve crossed my fingers,
I’ve wished on stars.
And for extra
safe measures,
I’ve wished on Mars.

I’ve avoided all ladders
and black cats as well.
Even went to a witch
for a fifty cent spell.

Now I’m armed
and I’m ready
to do my best.
Next time I’ll just study
for my history test.

4The Day I Was Born

The day I was born,
I will never forget it.
(Although they all say that I have.)
I looked around

without making a sound,
then I screamed that I wanted a bath.

But the doctors just nodded,
ignoring my pleas,
like they didn’t understand what I said.
So I screamed even louder
till they gave me some powder
and tucked me away in my bed.

The day I was born,
I will always remember
as clear as a crystal sea.
For that was the day
all my fears went away
and I started the process of me.

5Sent To My Room

I broke a dish
and mom got mad.
She sent me to my room
because she said that I was bad.

So I’m sitting here
on my canope
with my stereo
and my color tv

and my favorite doll
and my ‚lectric train
and my building blocks
and my video game,

And I’m wondering what
my mother meant
when she said my room
was a punishment.


Cupid shot an arrow through my heart.
He made me fall in love with Cindy Lee.
But when I told my darling how I felt,
she said she’d never fall in love with me.
Then she laughed and kicked me in the knee.

Cupid shot a second arrow through my heart.
He made me fall in love with Emma Lou.
But when I told her I was her’s forever,
She said that I looked like a kangaroo.
Then she laughed and spit upon my shoe.

Cupid shot another arrow through my heart.
He made me fall in love with Betty Frye.
But when I kissed her soft upon the cheek,
She said she loved a totally different guy.
Then she laughed and punched me in the eye.

You know what I think about Cupid?
He’s stupid.

7Bye Bye Baby

Baby dolls are just for kids.
I’m way beyond them now.
Baby Lucy was my friend,
but I really don’t see how.

She’s just a little plastic thing
some factory worker made.
I used to let her sleep with me
but that’s when I was eight.

Today I’m nine and all grown up.
Baby Lucy’s in my past.
Of course, I miss her just a bit
but I’m sure that won’t last.

It’s time to go to bed. Alone.
My heart is filled with sorrow.
Oh, what the heck, she needs me now.
I’ll be grown up tomorrow.

8Stage Fright

There’s a frog in my throat,
butterflies in my stomach,
a bug in my ear
and a bee in my bonnet.

I’ve got ants in my pants,
so I’m begging you, Teach.
Please don’t make me
give that speech.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

9The Jones’s House

Don’t go inside the Jones’s house,
you do and you’ll regret it.
Mr. Jones has a real live monster
and his wife will make you pet it.

Their kids are even stranger,
wearing snake skins in their hair.
And when it’s time for dinner,
hey, you best get out of there.

Don’t ever peek through their keyholes
or peer down their bathroom drain,
’cause a giant seahorse jumps right out
and tries to steal your brain.

Next time you’re out, just be aware
where all the groans and moans is,
’cause not even the scariest haunted houses
can keep up with the Jones’s.

10The Great Homework Land
Rescue Caper

There’s a place on the other
side of the sun
called Homework Land, and
it’s not much fun.
Everyone studies from
morning till night.
There’s no time to go skating
or go fly a kite.

There’s no time for watching
cartoons on TV.
There’s no time for building
a house in a tree.
There’s not even time to eat
any ice cream.
And the worst part of all is
there’s no time to dream.

Arithmetic, Science and
Grammar and Spelling,
History, Reading, there’s
really no telling
if the homework will ever
come to an end.
I feel sorry for kids in
Homework Land.

I’ve decided that I should
help them escape.
I’ll chart out a plan, then I’ll
make it take shape.
I’ll burn all their papers and
pencils and books;
I’ll stash tests in weird places
where nobody looks.

I’ll drain out the ink from
each one of their pens.
And I’ll throw all their
teachers in lion-filled dens.
I’ll chop all their desks up
into firewood,
and erase all the words on
their blackboards for good.

Then I’ll rescue the children
who never have fun
from the world on the other
side of the sun.
And Homework Land will no
longer exist.
Then The Village of Chores
will be next on my list.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

11Getting Unbored

Bored, bored, bored.
There’s nothing good to do.
I don’t feel like playing football.
I don’t want to paint things blue.

I’m not in the mood for TV,
and I’m sick of hide and seek.
Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.
I’ve been bored for a week.

I no longer like my train set,
and my bike is getting old.
All my friends are outside playing,
but I think it’s much too cold.

I don’t feel like doing anything,
but doing nothing’s just as bad.
Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.
This boredom makes me mad.

I’m tired of my race cars,
and my games are all the pits.
I no longer like my checkers
and I hate my baseball mitts.

I just sit here on the sofa
listening closely to each breath.
If I don’t do something soon
I’ll probably bore myself to death.

Uh oh. Here comes my mother,
with some chores for ‚you know who’.
„I can’t clean my room now, Mom!
I’ve got way too much to do!”

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

A Nightmare of a Dream Girl14

I’m every boy’s dream.

I’ve got beautiful curls
and an angel-like face.
I’m the best of all girls.

I’ve the prettiest dresses12
in the whole darn school
and the best bathing suit
in the whole darn pool.

I’ve got kissable lips13
and a cute little nose.
I’ve got rosey red cheeks
and impecable toes.

I’ve the brains of a genius
and the wit of comic,
not to mention my thin little,
tight little stomach.

I’m every boy’s dream.
That’s why I don’t get
why no boy has fallen
in love with me yet.

(It’s because they’re all jealous of me I bet!)
(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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The weather is a curious thing.

It’s always nice in the spring.

Summer brings sun and hit,

So many things to do and ice-creams to eat!

In autumn, leaves fall down.

And we play on the ground.

Winter brings wind, cold and snow.

To make a snowman, we must have a go!

Ana M. Martino